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Counseling Support Services

At Celebration Church, we understand that sometimes life throws you curve balls you don’t know how to handle on your own. In these times, it can be vital to turn to godly wisdom within the support systems of your family, friends, and local church. In some cases, pastoral counseling can be helpful to give you insight, tools, and confidentiality that you may not have elsewhere.

We believe there is no shame in being vulnerable and asking for help - we all need it! Because of this, we are proud to partner with Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, Pastor Joe Strano and his wife Shelley. With years of experience in individual, marital, and family counseling, the Strano’s have dedicated their lives to helping and assisting others through the Bible, prayer, and godly wisdom.

Services Offered:

Individual Counseling

Whether you have a specific problem you want to address or just want general direction for your life or career, we can help.  We can use the temperament profile as a spotlight to shine a light on what might be some areas in your life that are causing you stress, or what may be a good direction for your future.  We can then explore those areas to see if we can move them to within your temperament strengths so you can fully experience God's joy in your life. 

Pre-Marriage Counseling

Before jumping into marriage, it is important to understand the covenant of marriage and the obstacles you may face. Knowing this, we offer an 8 week course covering topics such as: What is Marriage?; What is Love?; Communication; Conflict Resolution; Family/Spiritual Life; Fiances; Sexuality/Intimacy.

When completed, you will receive a letter confirming that you met the Minnesota state requirement of 12 hours of pre-marriage study which allows $70 off of your marriage license.  The 8 week session costs $60 and the Prepare-Enrich inventory costs $35, putting the total cost of the class at $95.

Group sessions are typically scheduled three times per year (January, September, and April); however, please contact us for exact times and class exceptions.

Marriage/Family Counseling

A good marriage needs effort from both spouses in order for it to work.  Our goal is to help you understand your part in making your marriage a successful one.

In some cases, we utilize the Prepare-Enrich inventory, along with the Temperament Report from the NCCA to help us understand the strengths and weaknesses in your relationship.  Using those evaluations as a guide, we then dive into areas that need help.  Subjects could include: Communication, Conflict Resolution, Finances, Intimacy, etc.


Beginning the Process:

1. Fill out a Life History Questionnaire and Service Agreement

Life History Questionnaire

Service Agreement

2. Mail, drop off, or email the completed Questionnaire and Service Agreement.

Mail or Drop Off:

Celebration Church Counseling Services

16655 Kenyon Ave

Lakeville, MN 55044

3. We’ll contact you to schedule a phone interview to discuss your needs and whether pastoral counseling is a right fit for you!