Celebration Church

At Celebration Church we are committed to helping everyone feel connected.

Jesus Christ understood that the best way for people to grow in discipleship and develop healthy relationships is in small group settings - He modeled this for us with His disciples as they slept, ate, traveled and ministered together.

Lifegroups give us an opportunity to connect with other believers, grow in our relationship with Jesus, receive care and support during difficult times, and serve with one another in ministry. This is where friendships can be made that last a lifetime and it's here that our Christian life can really mature in practical ways.

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Our Lifegroups meet at all different times, days and locations and there is a group for every person. Don't walk alone - connect with a Lifegroup today!

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We want to enable you to minister to others! Let us know If you are interested in learning about how you can start a Lifegroup or becoming a leader.

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