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All About Text-To-Give


Text Message Donations (Text-to-Give) is a lightning fast way to give!  It will take you about 2 minutes to set it up and you can attach any payment method used in your normal online giving - credit/debit card, or bank account (ACH) donations.  There's no app to download, no big set up forms, and no hoops to jump through.

Here are the steps!

1. Text any amount to the number 84321 - example $5 or 5.  You'll receive a text back telling you the next steps!  Note - if you have poor reception, it may take a few minutes for you to receive the text back.

2. If you're new, you'll have a quick set up:

  • Choose "Celebration Church" as the church to give to.  You're phone should automatically pull up churches in your area; however, you must make sure your location services are on!  If you can't find Celebration Church, it's most likely because you selected "no" to turning on your location services.
  • Enter your payment method information
  • Enter your email address - if you already have a Planning Center Account at Celebration, use that same email

3. That's it!  The next time you give, you won't have to set things up again!

Note - Unless specified, all donations will go to the General Tithe account.

What if I want to give to a specific account such as Kingdom Builders or a special missionary?

No problem!  Each giving account has a special code!  The code will either be on the screen (in cases of a campus or special missionary service) OR you can get it from the finance department!  Email them at [email protected]

What if I make a mistake or need a refund?

No problem there either!  In cases of an error there are special words you can use listed out below!

"STOP" - This will immediately deactivate Text-to-Give for the sender. If you'd like, you can enroll again later.

"REFUND" - Donors can issue this command within 30 minutes of donating to initiate an automatic refund. This isn't a cancellation, it's an actual refund.

"MISTAKE" - Because ACH donations take so long (and can't be refunded until they "settle" in the bank system) the normal "refund" keyword doesn't work when donors use a bank account as their text-to-give payment method. Instead, they can use the MISTAKE keyword (as shown above). This keyword will cancel the donation before it enters the banking system. When a donation is cancelled this way, it's like it never happened.

"HELP" - This will prompt a response message back to you, the sender. If you are a Text-to-Give donor (meaning that your number is active in the system) then you'll get a link to a help page specific to Celebration Church. This help page will show you helpful information about Text-to-Give and show the list of active funds.


What if I want to set up recurring donations or change my payment?

For both of these, you'll want to log in to your donor profile to make adjustments or set up recurring donations

Still have questions?  Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page