21 Days of Prayer & Fasting

Join us as we launch our 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting on Monday, January 3rd!

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2022 Theme: Love Letters

Through Revelation 1:4-16, you are being invited to experience a powerful love story, a story where you can get to know Jesus Christ as the Glorified One; the One who loves you passionately enough to call you His bride.

He is a passionate bridegroom who saw you astray, unwanted, unloved, lonely, full of errors, broken, defeated, and yet, still loved you deeply. It was His loving passion for you that led Him to disrobe Himself of His glory, become human, then die for you on the cross. He did all this for you while you did not know Him. Such is the unconditional love the Father, Son and Holy Spirit have for you Romans 5:8.

8 But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

As you journey through these 8 verses in Revelation 1 focusing on Jesus, we pray that you will rediscover who He is to you. Do you remember when He first captivated your heart? Do remember when all you cared about was Him? Remember the big dreams you shared in His presence? He longs for those days to be restored, and He is calling you to go deeper, to seek Him without any agenda other than knowing and loving Him.

You may think that He does not understand you, but remember, He became like you and went through every struggle you would ever face, and He overcame. It is from that place, where He has overcome it all, that He is calling you into a deeper relationship with Himself. He desires you to drop everything like Mary did and focus on Him during this time. He has so much more for you and He’s inviting you His beloved child, to join Him on this road to rediscover your passion for Him, as your Lord and God, Jesus Christ.

Revelation 1:4-16

Choose Your Type of Fast

While preparing for your fast, it is important to choose ahead of time what type or combination of fasting you will pursue. This will help you position yourself to finish strong. As you prepare to fast, it is important to choose a fasting plan that works for you. While this section provides some general information about different types of fasts, as well as some suggestions on how to create your own fasting plan, it is important to mention that there is nothing more inherently spiritual about one type of fast as opposed to another. These are simply guidelines and suggestions on different things you can do.

*Do not let what you eat or do not eat become your focus, but focus on drawing closer to God. Remember, this is a time to disconnect enough from your regular patterns and habits to connect more closely to God.

a. Specific Food Fast

In this type of fast you omit a specific item(s) from your meal plans.

b. Juice Fast

A juice fast is simply consuming vegetable and fruit juices and water instead of solid food.

c. Water Fast

A water-only fast is the normal fast referred to in the Bible. Water fast requires that no food or drink other than water be consumed. Periodic water fasts can be very beneficial, but extreme precautions should be taken.

d. Daniel Fast

The foundation of the Daniel fast is fruits and vegetables. Some starchy vegetables and dairy could be included, depending on the individual. While scripture does not give a specific list of foods that Daniel ate, it does state that he didn’t eat: rich (or choice) foods, as well as no meat or wine.

e. Alternative Fast

While fasting typically refers to refraining from specific food items you may also find it extremely beneficial to fast from a regular activity or habit. This might include things such as television and/or social media.

f. Total Fast

A total fast is where nothing (liquid, solid food, or water) is consumed for a very short period of time. Please be advised that complete abstinence of food and water can be very dangerous to our health. Attempting to go without water for any period of time can be extremely harmful to the body.

g. Fasting While Nursing or Pregnant

Strict fasting while pregnant or nursing also is not recommended. If you are in this incredible season of life but would like to participate in the 21-day plan, here are some great options for you to consider— with the approval of your physician:

• A modified Daniel fast including whole grains, legumes, calcium, and iron supplements
• Fasting sweets and desserts and/or red meats
• Fasting certain diversions (television shows, movies, social media, etc.)

* If you are a pregnant or nursing mother, your priority is the health of your baby God has entrusted you with.

h. Fasting and Eating Disorders

If giving up food is a stumbling block to you then consider fasting television, reading (other than the Bible, of course), social media, or shopping. We do these things to distract ourselves from the real issues hurting us. If you can identify other similar areas try giving those up instead of food. Remember that you are covered by God’s grace and God will show you what to do. His “yoke is easy” and His “burden is light” (Matt 11:30). His way will bring rest to your soul.

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