Learn more about what Celebration Church is doing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pre-Registration the family

Hello Celebration Family!

As many of you know, we have resumed in-person worship services!  Here are some details that you may want to know before attending services on-site.

We will be having two services (9am & 11am) with doors opening 15 minutes before each service begins. This will allow us, as staff and volunteers, to ensure the rooms are fully cleaned and we are ready to receive you.  Both services will also be streamed live online. (See points #1, 2 & 3 below for more details)

On July 12th, our Kids Ministry (infant – 6th grade) will begin for 11am services ONLY.  For the first few weeks, we will have families Register (RSVP) their children in advance of Sunday check-in to allow us to get an estimate on the number of kids to expect.  We will continue to have our Nursing Mother’s room and a parent-supervised Wiggle Giggle room available for families for both 9am and 11am service.  Parents are also welcome to continue to keep their children in the Main Service as needed (See points #1, 4 & 5 below)

We have worked very hard to ensure we are fully prepared to join together in worship and Kids Ministry, but we need your help to make it happen!  To help us facilitate service and to keep you informed of what to expect when you arrive, we have included the below links to review before joining us on Sunday:

1.  Health & Exposure Survey (English) (Spanish) (coming soon: French): This Survey is for self-assessment purposes only, and Celebration does not collect any of this information.  The Survey contains questions for staff, volunteers and congregants to self-assess whether they should attend in-person services or to worship with us at home.  We will continue to live stream both our services so that you can remain connected to the Celebration family.

2. Facial Coverings Mandate Implementation Plan (English) (Spanish)(coming soon: French):  Per Governor Walz' Executive Order, here is Celebration's Facial Coverings Implementation Plan including important notes for Kids Ministry.

3. Preparedness Plan (English) (Spanish)(coming soon: French): The Minnesota DEED has given guidance on special precautions that churches should take before opening.  The linked Preparedness Plan lists Celebration’s safety policies and procedures to properly meet this guidance.  This Plan is available to all staff, volunteers and congregants both online via the link above and on-site in Celebration Church’s main lobby, in the staff office, and in the chapel.

4. Summary Plan (English) (Spanish) (coming soon: French): As the Preparedness Plan is long, we have also created a more concise Summary Plan for easier review of what to expect when attending in-person services.

5. Kids Ministry Reopening Plan (English)(Spanish)(coming soon: French): This plan outlines the changes to expect in Kids Ministry as well as some frequently asked questions.  Please note, we will be having one drop off entrance (Family Entrance), and a temperature check of all kids entering the Family Entrance.

6. Kids Ministry Registration (RSVP) (LINK HERE): To assist us in planning our Kids Ministry services, we ask that families Register/RSVP their children in advance of Sunday (the sooner the better!).  We will only need this type of registration for the first few weeks, so if this link no longer works, assume you don’t need to RSVP.

If you have any questions about the Preparedness Plan or what to expect, please contact our Plan Administrator by the below contact info:

- Emilie Baker

- Email:

- Phone: 952-898-7200

Once again, we are excited to add in-person gatherings to our online ministry and we can’t wait to worship with you!

~Celebration Church