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Serving Looks Different

Serving at Celebration Church is more than about filling a need, rather it's about discovering your passion and creating life-changing impact. Celebration has three categories to serve in.

Serve Teams
This is how we serve within the community of Celebration. It's participating in a meaningful way to help advance what God's doing at Celebration while discovering our gifting and interests.

Local Partners
This is the local arms of Celebration. They are businesses and other para-church organizations who we partner with to meet specific needs. Opportunities to serve with these partners are available and allows us to experience ministry outside the church to discover our passions.

Global Missions

This is how we serve beyond where we live and the community we're a part of. It involves participating in trips all over the world as well as giving. When we give to missions, we extend our reach through the missionaries we partner with.

Three Serving Categories

Our church community consists of multiple areas of ministry and opportunities for you to get connect and help serve here at Celebration Church. If you are interested in serving in any of the areas below, please feel free to reach out and let us know by filling out our application at the bottom of the page.

Serve Team Application

David Nguyen - Connections Pastor

Production Serve Teams

The Production Team is responsible to create, maintain and pursue an excellent environment where guests can experience the presence of God unimpeded.

Photographer  ○  The Photographer helps capture the look, feel, emotions, and weight of each service that they are a part of. Their ability to capture these moments will help Celebration communicate what we’re doing, but more importantly, how God is connecting and moving His people.
Camera Operator  ○  The Camera Operator is responsible for the operation and control of one of the three cameras we have during the service. This person will compose the images that are used for recording and streaming, enabling others outside the main sanctuary to watch in the lobby and online.
Pro-Presenter Operator  ○  ProPresenter Operator is responsible for all images, videos, and lyrics shown on the screen during the service. Every Sunday, the lyrics and necessary slides  and videos will be programmed ahead of time, it is  the Operator’s responsibility to follow along during the service and make any necessary adjustments.
Video Switcher  ○  The Video Switcher is responsible for the quality of the video production that is recorded and sent out to Celebration’s streaming platforms. The Video Switcher is in direct communication with the Video Operators in the sanctuary, calls the camera shots, and switches between different camera angles.
Lights  ○  The Light Board Operator is a key element to our church worship experience. This person has direct control over all lighting in the sanctuary. Every Sunday, the lights will be programmed ahead of time, but it is the Board Operator’s responsibility to check every cue and execute them during the service.
Stage Manager  ○  The Stage Manager is in control of everything backstage, including upkeep. They communicate the status of backstage to the Service Producer, Pastors, Worship Team, and guests if necessary.
Broadcast Audio  ○  AFV is responsible of all audio levels for our online audience. They mix for the Worship Team, any pastors' mics that are being used, and any videos being played that go online.
Front of House  ○  FOH is responsible of all audio levels in the sanctuary & atrium. They mix for the Worship Team, any pastors' mics that are being used, and any videos being played.

Hospitality Serve Teams

The Hospitality Team creates an inviting and helpful atmosphere for guests as they experience what God has for them. They set the tone for guests from first impressions through last impressions.

Hosts  ○  Our Host teams help greet those in the building and help them feel at home! They are always smiling and available to help answer any questions you have about what's happening at the Celebration.
Guest Experience  ○  The Guest Experience teams anchors our Sunday morning experience. They are the most knowledgeable of the ins and outs of what’s happening at Celebration Church. They also provide a space and avenue for new guests to get connected.
Coffee Bar  ○  Our Coffee Bar team brings the energy and provides the fuel we all need every Sunday. They arrive early to brew and serve the coffee and donuts. They help make guests feel more at ease by what the do and how they interact with guests.
Security  ○  The Security team brings a reliable stabilizing presence that help our guests and people feel safe to worship. Security is also an extension of our hosts to help our guests with any questions and needs they may have.
Events  ○  The Events team helps create and setup events. They bring the details that are often missed, but are always needed to take an event from ordinary to extraordinary.

Kids & Youth Serve Teams

Our family life teams with Kids & Youth help work with our Next Generation of kids (birth - 5th grade) and students (6th - 12th). They aare an important part of how this church dreams and advances the Kingdom of God for our world now and beyond.

Kids Serve Teams  ○  Kids Ministry at Celebration Church has a multitude of areas ranging from Nursery - Elementary ages, and a multitude of roles from greeting, teaching, supervising, production/media, singing, hosting, and more.  It is our joy to learning and deploying your God-given design, gifts, and interests!

Youth Serve Teams  ○  From hanging out with students to being there for them in their moments of crisis and need, youth leaders have an incredible opportunity to have life-changing impact on students lives. Youth leaders help lead small group and shepherd spiritual moments in the life of their students. Leaders are placed in one of the grades (6th-12th).

Prayer & Missions Serve Teams

As a Faith-Filled church, we believe in the power of prayer. We have a couple of unique opportunities for those looking to be a part of our Prayer Ministry here at Celebration. God has given Celebration a heart for missions as we response in obedience to his command to reach the lost. We have an opportunity to serve and support missions through our Missions Serve Team.

Missions Serve Team  ○  The team communicates, hosts, and prays for missionaries supported by Celebration Church in the U.S. and around the world. They also organize and coordinate global mission trips and meet in a Community Group to learn and share the heart of missions to interested parties from our congregation

Prayer Partners  ○  Prayer Partners help meet the prayer needs of our Celebration Church families on Sundays and special gatherings. Whenever there is an altar call moment where people are invited to receive prayer, as prayer partners, we get the privilege of praying with them to see a move of God.
Prayer & Deliverance Counselors  ○  Prayer Counselors are trained to help meet the spiritual needs of those looking for healing from physical, psychological, or spiritual trauma/struggles. They provide a spiritual emphasis when caring for those they’re meeting with. Prayer Counselors receive special training to help those who need to work through and process their struggles.


If you would like to apply to serve on one of our serve teams, please fill out our Serve Team Application.

Local Partners

We love partnering with our Local Partners! These organizations help provide not only assistance but hope to many in our communities! For more information on our Local Partners check out their websites!

Phone: (800)733-2767

Phone: (952)898-4357

Phone: (612)204-8500

Phone: (612)460-7415

Phone: (952)854-1920

Phone: (615)564-5000

Phone: (651)228-1800

Phone: (952)595-5980

Phone: (612)270-3733

Dan Olson - Local Partners Pastor

Missions Trips

Here at Celebration Church we believe in the Great Commission. Not only do we partner with many Global Missionaries, but we also believe in being the hands and feet of Jesus. Our 2022 Missions Trips are available to join and participate in whether you're in-person or online.

Vicente Perez - Global Missions Pastor

Kingdom Builders

We believe missions is an important part of the church. Our Kingdom Builders Ministry helps us partner with and support many Global Missionaries across the world! If you would like to partner with via giving...

Select the Kingdom Builders (General Missions)